Kathy Castor
Lois Frankel
Maxwell Alejandro Frost
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Darren Soto
DNC Officer and National Finance Chair for the DNC
Chris Korge
Former Congresswoman and HHS Secretary
Donna Shalala
Lauren Book
Leader Pro Tempore
Jason Pizzo
DNC Member and Former Senate Minority Leader
Audrey Gibson
State Senator
Lori Berman
State Senator
Tracie Davis
State Senator
Shevrin Jones
State Senator
Tina Polsky
State Senator
Darryl Rouson
State Senator
Linda Stewart
State Senator
Geraldine Thompson
State Senator
Victor Torres
House Democratic Leader
Fentrice Driskell
Former House Minority Leader and current Commissioner
Kionne McGhee
Former Representative Carlos
Guillermo Smith
State Representative
Kevin Chambliss
State Representative
Anna Eskamani
Gallop Franklin II
State Representative
Michael Gottlieb
Former FDP Chair and State Representative
Allison Tant
State Representative
Michele Rayner-Goolsby
Former Representative
Carlos Guillermo Smith
Miami-Dade Mayor
Daniella Levine Cava
FDP Vice Chair and Current Orange County Property Appraiser
Amy Mercado
DNC Member, former Democratic Nominee for Lieutenant Governor and Current Miami-Dade county United Teachers of Dade Union President
Karla Hernández-Mats
DNC Member
Thomas Kennedy
DNC Member and Walton County Committeewoman
Samantha Herring
DNC Member
Carol Pensky
DNC Member
Vivian Rodriguez
DNC Member
Steve Simeonidis
Miami-Dade County Committeeman
Marc Burton
Sarasota County Committeewoman
Mary Clupper
Volusia County Committeeman
Danny Fuqua
Washington County Committeeman
Elijah Hooks
Nassau County Committeeman
Phil Morton
Polk County Committeewoman
Jennifer Nanek
St. Lucie County Committeewoman
Nicolette Owens
Volusia County Committeewoman
Susanne Raines
Collier County Committeewoman
Jane Anne Schlechtweg
St. Lucie County Committeeman
Tyler Smith
Nassau County Committeewoman
Carla Voisard
Miami-Dade County DEC Chair
Robert Dempster
Duval County DEC Chair
Daniel Henry
Palm Beach County DEC Chair
Mindy Koch
St. Lucie County DEC Chair
Falon Lofley
Chair of the Osceola County Board of Commissioners and FDP Voting Member Commissioner
Viviana Janer
The Florida College Democratic Caucus
The Florida High School Democratic Caucus
The Florida Squeeze
Policy Reform Now
For Progress
Florida Grassroots Coalition
American Muslim Progressive Caucus
Downtown Dems
The Democrats of Coral Way
President of Voters of Tomorrow Florida
Jayden D'Onofrio
Cameron Kasky
President of UF Democrats
Sabrina Briceno
President of FSU Democrats
Alexis Dorman
President of UCF Democrats
Dylan Hall
President of Rollins Democrats
Stella Morris
Former Gen Z Candidate
Raymond Adderly
Former Gen Z Candidate
Lorissa Wright
President of PRISM
Maxx Fenning
VP of Voters of Tomorrow Florida
Gabriel Gonzalez
VP of Orange County Democrats
Samuel Vilchez
Javier Gomez
Logan Rubenstein
Executive Director of See Our Power
Zander Moricz
Founder of Biden for Florida
Robert Palacios
Political Director for Miami-Dade Democrats
Gianna Bonner
Communications Director for Miami-Dade Young Democrats
Camila Cisneros
Executive Director of Recall FCSB
Jack Petocz
Former President of Florida College Democrats
Antonio “Toni” Rodriguez
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