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July 11th The Miaim Herald Recommends Annette Taddeo

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The summertime primary race to fill the District 40 seat made vacant after State Sen. Frank Artiles’ racist, sexist meltdown led to his resignation has proved to be a boisterous one. The primary election will be held on July 25, with early voting beginning on July 15.


Hoping to flip this Republican-held seat to the Democratic column are former state Rep. Ana Rivas Logan, 56, and businesswoman Annette Taddeo, 50, both well-known in Miami-Dade political circles.

Rivas Logan successfully ran for the Miami-Dade School Board and the Florida House, losing when district boundary changes threw her into a race with Jose Felix Diaz. In recent years, she switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party, she says, because the GOP did not represent her values.

Meanwhile, Taddeo has lost four elections over the past eight years: a bid for Congress in 2008, for Miami-Dade Commission in 2010, as Charlie Crist’s gubernatorial running mate in 2014, and to Joe Garcia in a Democratic congressional primary in 2016.

Still, she remains the stronger candidate here. She has been chair of the Democratic Party of Miami-Dade, vice chair of the Florida Democratic Party and committeewoman for the DNC. While both candidates know the district well, Taddeo is better versed in overall state issues, which is important.

She knows policy and, unlike Rivas Logan, her commitment to the Democratic Party is clear.

Taddeo, who was born in Colombia to a Colombian mother and an American father, runs a translation business. Rivas Logan, the Nicaragua-born daughter of exiled Cuban immigrants, has been an educator for 30 years.

Both are campaigning on education, traffic and other pertinent issues. Taddeo, however, gave more thoughtful, better developed responses to the Herald’s questionnaire, as opposed to Rivas Logan’s one-liners.

Taddeo has earned this chance to serve. In the District 40 Democratic primary, the Herald recommends ANNETTE TADDEO.